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Sir Toby's (Original)

Discover Prague's charm at Sir Toby's: vintage-inspired design, friendly staff, a variety of room choices, special events, lively bar, and central location for exploration.

Sir Toby's Midtown

Exclusively offering private rooms for a personalized experience. Enjoy modern comforts, attentive service, and a prime central location.

Why should you choose Sir Toby's?

Sir Toby’s takes pride in being your haven in Prague. With a friendly team, vintage-inspired charm, diverse room choices, lively events, and central location, we guarantee an unforgettable and authentic experience. Discover why we’re the city’s best choice!

More People, More Fun!

Planning a group trip to Prague? Get ready for an unforgettable experience. With captivating sights, historical treasures, and vibrant nightlife, Prague offers the perfect setting for group adventures. Explore famous landmarks, enjoy group activities, and create lasting memories together in this affordable and vibrant city.

Planning a trip with your group?

Whether you are planning an educational trip with your school class, your university or simply a short get away with a few good friends – organizing a city trip for a larger group of people can become a stressful task. We are well aware of that, so we do our very best to support you with the planning, even before your date of arrival, and of course whilst staying with us.

Minimum stay requirements:
All year: 2 nights
Holiday periods: 3-4 nights
Winter exception may be possible for 1 night

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