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Dormitory Rooms

Mingle with fellow travelers

Looking to lounge in the company of others? To share travel experiences and make your pocket book travel further? Our shared rooms offer you the opportunity to cater to your slumber in vintage-style. Head to the kitchen for dinner, hang out in the garden, get a pivo (Czech for 'beer') at the bar, or use the free wifi to connect with your friends at home!

Please note our age restriction for shared dormitory rooms: only guests aged 18-39 can stay in these rooms. If you do not meet this criteria you are welcome to stay in one of our great private rooms.

4-Bed Dormitory

For guests who prefer a more spacious sleeping arrangement, our 4-bed dorm is the perfect choice. 

6-Bed Dormitory

Featuring cozy and sturdy bunk beds. Connect with fellow travelers in this lively and affordable accommodation option.

Planning a trip with your group?

Whether you are planning an educational trip with your school class, your university or simply a short get away with a few good friends – organizing a city trip for a larger group of people can become a stressful task. We are well aware of that, so we do our very best to support you with the planning, even before your date of arrival, and of course whilst staying with us.

Minimum stay requirements:
All year: 2 nights
Holiday periods: 3-4 nights
Winter exception may be possible for 1 night

Do You need more information? Please write us an email.