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Hang out at our Pub

Come and relax in the beautifully appointed bar. Enjoy Czech beers, wine, cocktails, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and bar snacks daily from 15:00.

Drinks at our Bar

Czech Beer

22 Kč / € 1

We serve all kinds of Authentic Czech Beers such as Plisner, Kozel, Krušovice, Svijany, Bernard Bohemian Ale and many more.

Wine & Cider

50 Kč / € 2

Taste our various range of Red & Wines.

Czech Shots

55 Kč / € 2.2

Try the Czech shots with your friends. You'll be amazed!

Czech Mixed Drinks

60 Kč / € 2.5

Enjoy the wide ranges of our Czech Mixed Drinks of various whiskeys, rum and Gin