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Staff Guides To Prague

Who knows Prague better than our lovely staff? Here we will start a series interviewing Sir Toby’s staff about how they spend their free time in Prague, starting with out our hilarious bartender, Nick!

Hey Nick. First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself: where are you from, why you chose to move to Prague and what made you stay?

Hey guys! So, my name is Nick, I am 35 years old. I am from Adelaide, Australia. I originally moved to Europe with my best friend because I wanted to travel and experience life in here, and Australia is so far away. My friend is now living in England, but I have been living in Prague for almost two years now.

You have the night off, what are your plans?

First, dinner, I would to go to the Tavern, in Vinohrady – it’s the perfect place for a good burger. Then I will have a drink at Up Bar, in Zizkov, a district that has more pubs per square kilometer than any neighborhood in Europe. Then, I will probably end up at Vagon Bar, at Narodni Trida because it’s the coolest local bar in Prague. And also because it’s next door to KFC for the walk home.

Any recommendation for music lovers?

Definitely Klub 007 in Strahov, a small and cozy live music club. I would recommend Vzorkovna as well, (in our top favorite bars in Prague). They have a gig pretty much every night.

Your favorite food place in Prague?

I would recommend two places. First, Clear Head in Old Town. It’s a fantastic vegetarian restaurant (the smoked tofu pâté is amazing!) and the interior is incredible. I would also recommend Carmileta, in Malá Strana for one thing: their spaghetti ala Bolognese, almost as good as mine.

Best place to grab a beer?

Apart for Sir Toby’s, Beer Geek, in Zizkov, without hesitation, for the variety. They have more that 500 bottled beers and 32 on taps! But all beer is good in Prague.


Photo | Miss Sophie’s & Sophie’s Hostel

Best breakfast in town?

I would say either Café Modi or the hot breakfast in our sister property, Miss Sophie’s Hostel! They make pancakes and scrambled eggs just for you!

Your favorite coffee place?

Kofarna Coffee! They have a great interior and it is super chill. They have the best hummus in town, and their coffee is really good.

The weirdest place in Prague?

Definitely the Sex Machines Museum.

letna beer garden prague

The best viewpoint in Prague?

The Beer Garden in Letna Park, just a few minutes on the tram from Sir Toby’s or the view from the Castle.

What you love/hate the most about Prague

I really love the fact that Prague is a cosmopolitan city. It has the perfect balance: it’s not too big, not too small, not too modern, not too old, it’s cheap but not depressing. The only thing that I hate about Prague is that it gets too crowded in the summer (that’s why you should visit us during low season!)

What’s the best thing about working in a hostel?

I feel like I am traveling even though I’m working.

To conclude, if you can give one tip, only one, to someone before going to Prague, what would it be?

Stay at Sir Toby’s!