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Staff Guides To Prague

Who knows Prague better than our lovely staff? Here we will start a series interviewing Sir Toby’s staff about how they spend their free time in Prague, starting with out our hilarious bartender, Nick! Hey Nick. First of all, can you tell us a little bit about yourself: where are you from, why you chose to move to Prague and what made you stay? Hey guys! So, my name is Nick, I am 35 years old. I am from Adelaide, Australia. I originally moved to Europe with my best friend because I wanted to travel and experience life in here, and Australia is so far away. My friend is now living in England, but I have been living in Prague for almost two years now. You have the night off, what are your plans? First, dinner, I would to go to the Tavern, in Vinohrady – it’s the perfect place for a good burger. Then I will have a drink at Up Bar, in Zizkov, a district that has more pubs per square kilometer than any neighborhood in Europe. Then, I will probably end up at Vagon Bar, at Narodni Trida because it’s the coolest local bar in Prague. And also because it’s next door to KFC for the walk home. Any recommendation for music lovers? Definitely Klub 007 in Strahov, a small and cozy live music club. I would recommend Vzorkovna as well, (in our top favorite bars in Prague). They have a gig pretty much every night. Your favorite food place in Prague? I would recommend two places. First, Clear Head in Old Town. It’s a fantastic vegetarian restaurant (the smoked tofu pâté is amazing!) and the interior is incredible. I would also recommend Carmileta, in Malá Strana for one thing: their spaghetti ala Bolognese, almost as good as mine. Best place to grab a beer? Apart for Sir Toby’s, Beer Geek, in Zizkov, without hesitation, for the variety. They have more that 500 bottled beers and 32 on taps! But all beer is good in Prague.   Photo | Miss Sophie’s & Sophie’s Hostel Best breakfast in town? I would say either Café Modi or the hot breakfast in our sister property, Miss Sophie’s Hostel! They make pancakes and scrambled eggs just for you! Your favorite coffee place? Kofarna Coffee! They have a great interior and it is super chill. They have the best hummus in town, and their coffee is really good. The weirdest place in Prague? Definitely the Sex Machines Museum. The best viewpoint in Prague? The Beer Garden in Letna Park, just a few minutes on the tram from Sir Toby’s or the view from the Castle. What you love/hate the most about Prague I really love the fact that Prague is a cosmopolitan city. It has the perfect balance: it’s not too big, not too small, not too modern, not too old, it’s cheap but not depressing. The only thing that I hate about Prague is that it gets too crowded in the summer (that’s why you should visit us during low season!) What’s the best thing about working in a hostel? I feel like I am traveling even though I’m working. To conclude, if you can give one tip, only one, to someone before going to Prague, what would it be? Stay at Sir Toby’s!

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How To Spend Winter In Prague

So we all survived the Holidays. It was quite busy at Sir Toby’s and we had a great time celebrating Christmas and New Year’s with all of you. Thank you for staying, dining and partying with us! We wish you all a happy & healthy 2017 with lots of great trips and experiences! And for those of you who haven’t been here recently – how about starting the year off with a trip to Prague? There are plenty of things to do even in winter. Follow our blog for a few hints and then go book your trip – our winter specials are still on!   Ice skating at Ovocný Trh / Pictures: Richard Hodonicky   You are in the mood for some fun on the ice? There are several ice rinks located in the center and in some of Prague’s nicest neighborhoods, so go get your skate on! But don’t end up like our lovely colleague Klara who was planning to go ice skating at the Žižkov tower but then spent her budget on Bombardinos instead on the entrance fee. She said it was still fun, though!   Ovocný trh: Right in the center between Old Town and Wenceslas Square, perfect for a break in between shopping (New Year’s sales are still on!). Open daily 10-22, free entry, skates rental 50 CZK/hour Na Františku: Close to the center, in between the Convent of Saint Agnes and the Dvořák embankment, this 40 x 20 meter ice rink is considerably bigger than the one at Ovocný trh. Open Mo-Fr 8-17.30, Sat & Sun 10-19, 50 CZK entry fee   Ice Rink at the TV tower in Žižkov: Located in the hip neighborhood of Žižkov with plenty of local bars and cafés around (check out Bukowkski’s for Prague’s best Whiskey Sour and Nad Viktorkou for a classic Czech pub experience!). BBQ snacks, hot chocolate and, jep, Bombardino are all provided in the Tower Park. Open Mo-Fr 12-21, Sat & Sun 9-21, entry fee 80-120 CZK depending on the time (+ 50 CZK extra for skates rental)   Výstaviště: Skating indoors, but in a professional arena and just a 5 minutes tram ride from Sir Toby’s! Open to the public every Saturday & Sunday 16.15-18.30, 50 CZK entry plus another 50 CZK for skates rental If you feel like combining shopping with ice skating, Arkady Pankrac, Galerie Harfa, and the mall in Černý Most each have their own ice rinks – but be aware, they are all a rather long way from the center.

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Christmas Around Prague

We think Christmas is one of the most magical and exciting times to be in Prague – so exciting we forget it’s literally freezing out. Holiday light, mulled wine and delicious things to eat somehow make the cold go away. (Not literally, guys, it will still be cold…) So just how do you make the most of Prague’s delightful Christmas scene, full of markets, tasty food and svařak (pronounced “s-var-zaak”, it’s the Czech word for mulled wine and we can’t mention this stuff enough)? Let us tell you! Christmas Markets Squares all over the city lit up with trees, festive lights and filled with stalls selling all kinds of delicious More of that mulled wine (called svarek in Czech!), Prague ham (not exclusive to Christmas but still tasty), Linecké cookies, Vánočka (Czech Christmas “brioche” style bread with nuts), Gingerbreads and so much more! Find yourself some markets set in some of Prague’s most notable landmarks! Also look for handmade wooden toys, ornaments and other decor as well as Advent wreaths, mistletoe. Where to find these famous markets? The Prague Castle, Old Town Square, or Na Kampa near the Charles Bridge offer some quintessential Christmas in the middle of Prague’s most stunning sites. If you find yourself wandering through New Town, check out Náměstí Republiky or Wenceslas Square. Honestly, it’s hard to go anywhere in Prague’s city center without stumbling across one of these markets. A few local favorites? Try venturing out to Vinohrady to visit Náměsti Míru (they have the most delicious crepes and lavender hot wine), or all the way to Jiřího z Poděbrad – a hybrid of Christmas and farmers market – surely you will find a plethora of local goods to put you in the spirit! Alternative Christmas Markets of Holešovice Our beloved neighborhood of Holešovice has become Prague’s ultra-hip arts district, and you best believe they do Christmas right. With Vnitroblok, Tovarna, and MINT Market all within a stone’s through of Sir Toby’s front door, and offering a different kind of Christmas market come. Vintroblock, a cafe-concept store, Tovarana, a multipurpose artsy space, and MINT market, a hall of independents selling their locally produced products come together to put on this hip, alternative Christmas market that fits right into to Holešovice’s vibe. Get Czech-made and originally designed clothing, jewelry, beauty projects and so much more! You will definitely come away with a sweet gift for someone, or yourself (we won’t judge ;)). MINT: Pop-Up Hall 13 @ Holesovice Trznice Every Friday (11am – 7 pm) & Saturday (9am – 5pm) Christmas Flea Market @ Tovarna Dělnická 63 // December 16th Don’t stop here. Prague has plenty of these markets! MINT: Prague Fashion Market 20 December 8 – 10th @ Náměstí Republiky Dyzajn Market zima December 9 & 10, 16 & 17 @ Narodni Divadlo Lemarket Opravdové Vánoce December 8 – 10th @ Manes Gallery Events around Sir Toby’s Hostel Sir Toby’s is a lovely place to be around the holidays! With what might be Holešovice’s (if not Prague’s) coziest basement, fellow travelers and a warm atmosphere, there plenty of holiday cheer to go around. It can get cold outside during the winter months and therefore we prepared some exciting events in our cozy Sir Toby’s bar for you. We only need you to make our Christmas atmosphere warm and inviting! Harry Potter Night: December 2nd This year, to kick off December, Sir Toby’s decided to host its first (and not last) Harry Potter Theme Night! Join us as we transform Sir Toby’s Basement Bar into a Hogsmeade pub from 6pm! Drink Specials, Trivia Nights and many more surprises planned! Name That Tune: December 9th Sir Toby’s is hosting its first ‘Name That Tune’ Quiz! Test your holiday knowledge on this music quiz with a few pints of beer and some new friends (old ones too, of course). Quiz and Games Nights : Starting December 10th From December 10th, Christmas is in the air! Our favorite Czech girl, Kajà, will host special additions of Christmas Quizes and Games Nights just for you guys! It’s free and every Wednesday and Sunday at 8pm in that same cozy bar we adore. Christmas Tree Lighting: December 14th Our annual ceremonious Christmas tree lighting to settle the holiday mood will take place on… It’s not truly Christmas until you have the tree, right? Come help us make Sir Toby’s feel like the holidays, we will begin decorating at 4pm. Free Christmas Dinner: December 24th  A well-loved tradition at Sir Toby’s! Every year, we celebrate Christmas filled with mulled wine, cookies and traditional Czech dinner.  The best part is it is free for guests! Come enjoy a Czech culinary tradition of fresh carp, potato salad and plenty of sweet treats while meeting fellow travelers. Traveling around the holidays – whether you celebrate the occasion or not is a fantastic way to experience tradition and culture in a new country, and we cannot wait to share it with you. Curious about other exciting things that happen at Sir Toby’s year around? Check out our event page. We have something happening just about every night of the week to engage you fellow travelers and make the most of our beloved basement. It’s atmosphere after all is what makes Sir Toby’s, Sir Toby’s. Happy Holidays! New Year’s Eve Last, but certainly not least – New Year’s Eve! Going to ring in 2018 in Prague?! We have some ideas on how to celebrate. We enjoying exploring the city in the final hours of 2017 – just wandering around is full of excitement, celebration and fireworks in the streets. Check Vitkov Hill and Reigrovy Sady for locals celebrating on the eve.  There are also plenty of exciting events happening throughout the city that don’t have to break the budget. Prague’s official city fireworks to be held on January 1st, a whole 22 hours into 2018. We recommend watching from Letná park, which is just a few tram stops from Sir Toby’s! Convenient 😉 Parties: New Year’s Eve @ Radost FX Bělehradská 120 // 390 kc on site or 290 kc before 30.12 NYE Warehouse Party @ 36 Underground Bubenské nábřeží

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5 New Places Transforming Holešovice Into Prague’s Art District

Holešovice, what once was an industrial district of Prague, is slowing evolving into something of its own. Taking the bones of that industrial past, young entrepreneurs are moving in with new visions of how to reinvent this once-forgotten neighborhood in the heart of Bohemia. While we may be a few tram stops from all the glittery sites giving Prague it’s iconic landscape, our heart is in this neighborhood- and we are so happy to be a part of that picture since 1999 (we were here before it was cool, just saying). That said we have got five new and happening places to share with you. With a heavy theme on artistic spaces, these spots are shaping up our neighborhood to be the art district of Prague with every new door that opens. First we have Mint Market, occupying a hall in the maze that is Pražská tržnice (meaning market of Prague). For over a century it served as the meat market for all of the city. Since it closed it’s doors 30 years ago, the market fell into disrepair. Slowly, new things have come in, breathing new life into it’s skeleton. One of them being the best thing to open this year – a periodical fashion market! Filled with local artists and designers selling their creations, you cannot find a better place to get a unique souvenir from something truly local, and crafted with passion. Open every Saturday from 11 – 6 pm and conveniently located just a few blocks from our hostel. Photo / Alexandra Siebenthal Sharing the same market grounds as Mint, we have the international theatre venue, Jatka 78. This self-proclaimed “temple of creativity” marks a new movement of modern art spaces in Prague. With an emphasis on performing arts, they offer everything from dance to a contemporary circus to silent puppet shows. Beyond that, the space will also serve as a residency for artists, a gallery, cafe, training space and beyond. Looking for something to do with your evening after a long day wandering the city, this just might be the answer! Photo / Jatka Website Next we have DOX. While this modern gallery is already an institution in Holešovice (it’s been going since 2008!), it’s latest exhibit has caught our attention, and may catch yours. It’s no secret that modern Czech history includes the rise and fall of communism and there are many options to get a glimpse of that. however we think this particular gallery is offering an excellent perspective. A photo gallery telling the story of Vaclav Havel, the playwright and communist dissident that become president-elect following the Velvet Revolution. The exhibit frames important historical milestones through the figurative and literal lenses of Czech photographers Tomki Němec and Bohdan Holomíček. Seeing Havel’s life in these images becomes a narrative of an artist turned president against the backdrop of the fall of communism, and it’s aftermath. An integral part of modern Czech history, this presentation offers a fresh perspective through a visual documentary on how communism shaped this country and is certainly worth a visit. Photo / Alexandra Siebenthal Next up we’ve got Vnitroblock and we are pretty excited we get to call them our neighbors. Part coffee shop, part concept store, part multifunctional gallery space, this industrial warehouse turned usable space is perfect for an afternoon latte pick-me-up or some browsing through local wearable fashions and interior decor. We love the integrity kept, using of the existing structure to create an atmosphere that fits with Holešovice seamlessly, decorated with mismatched chairs and tables and even a DJ for good vibes! Just around the corner from Sir Toby’s, you will have to see for yourself. Just don’t spend all your time and money in one place! Photo / Alexandra Siebenthal We know Holešovice has no shortage of vacant industrial buildings, thus locals are making most of the infrastructure and making the proverbial lemonade out of lemons. Tovarna, meaning “factory” recently opened and is just down the street from Sir Toby’s. The space, true to it’s namesake was once a factory, now serving as a multifunctional space supporting local designers, artists, filmmakers and just about anyone doing anything remarkable. A local bookshop, called Page 5 will contribute a poster shop, various workshops and pop-up markets are scheduled to be held not to mention a bar, barber chair, and silent cinema. It’s safe to say this place will be ever-evolving and there will always be something new to check out. Photo / Alexandra Siebenthal There you have it. Who knew Sir Toby’s would find itself in such good company in this ever-evolving neighborhood fostering some of Prague’s best new spaces for self-expression. We like to think we are apart of contributing to the cultural landscape that is molding Holešovice into Prague’s next up-and-coming district. We are excited to support our neighbors and share it with our welcomed guests, fostering a community all our own. Looking for further tips on what to see and do in the neighborhood? Just ask our friendly hostel staff. They would love to help you get as much out of the city as they can!

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